Sattva Store

Sattva Store

Elegant landing page for Sattva Store: Exclusive, memorable design created according to top marketing strategies.


Discover the Sattva Store logo: The "S" gently opens, unfolding into a flawless lotus flower, embodying purity and enlightenment. A symbol of harmony for your carefree shopping experience.


This series of illustrations takes you on a journey through the stages of relaxation on an acupressure mat. Starting with the tingling sensation of a cactus, through the warm flow of blood, to the final deep relaxation symbolized by a meditating woman. Each phase visualizes a new feeling of well-being achieved through the mat.

Illustrationen für Yoga-Homepage


Utilizing the latest technologies and custom design, the site offers lightning-fast loading times and is optimally adapted for mobile devices. The responsive design guarantees seamless navigation and adaptation to different screen sizes, while user-friendliness is enhanced by intuitive controls and easy-to-read fonts. The integration of cutting-edge frameworks such as HTML5 and CSS3 ensures that the website is not only robust but also ready for future developments. A custom design underscores the uniqueness of the project and offers an unparalleled user experience.


In developing the Sattva Store Homepage, our team pursued a design approach that emphasizes modernity and lightness to create a consistently elegant yet powerful visual experience. Every element was created from scratch by our skilled team to ensure a completely unique, bespoke aesthetic.


Stylish packaging that is more than just a cover, attracting interest from the outside. Each design element protects the mat and strengthens the brand identity. The packaging combines aesthetics and functionality, telling a story even before the product is unpacked.

Sattva store print design


Utilizing Vercel for the development of the Sattva Store website enabled an efficient and cost-effective solution. Through serverless functions and automatic deployment options, a smooth and fast implementation was realized. Thanks to Vercel's global CDN, the site is lightning-fast and offers optimal performance to end customers everywhere. These aspects together not only promote an appealing user experience but also positively contribute to SEO ranking. The intuitive operation of Vercel also significantly facilitated the development process.