Moms Secrets

Moms Secrets

Development of a fast, user-friendly online shop with branded clothing for nursing mothers.


At the center of the visual identity of the "Moms Secrets" online shop is a handwritten, animated logo that radiates warmth and personality. It effortlessly combines the traditional aesthetics of handwriting with modern, animated graphics to create a brand that is authentic, trustworthy, and unique in the world of online shopping for mothers.


Our implemented CMS allows the "Moms Secrets" team to create and edit content, new products, and page elements independently, without any programming knowledge. This user-friendly system provides the flexibility to ensure the shop's relevance and timeliness by enabling quick and easy responses to the ever-changing needs and trends of the market.


At the heart of the online shop is a comprehensive e-commerce system that provides a clear overview of all orders and seamless integration with PayPal payments. Additionally, automated notifications help both the shop team and customers stay informed about order and shipping status, ensuring a consistently positive customer experience.


Hosted on Vercel, the "Moms Secrets" online shop benefits from a free, reliable, and fast hosting solution specifically for static websites. Vercel not only offers optimal loading times and continuous high availability but also provides an uncomplicated scalability option to allow the shop to grow and develop in the future.


Fully customized and tailored to the client's needs, the design of "Moms Secrets" was developed from the ground up. Every element, from the color palette to the typography, was carefully selected and designed to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and intuitively usable user interface that accompanies customers on their shopping journey and ensures an enjoyable shopping experience.