Flicker Design

Flicker Design

Flicker Design is a marketplace for premium vector animations. Buy and edit assets. Features JSON preview and editing. Built with Next.js.


Branding, design, and logo for Flicker Design were individually created in Figma and Illustrator, ensuring a unique and cohesive visual identity. The clean and modern design enhances the site's appeal and aligns with the brand's premium and creative focus.


The homepage is developed using Next.js 14, providing a seamless and responsive user experience. The content management is handled by Tina CMS, which supports simple markdown, easy extensions, and requires no server. This integration allows for straightforward content editing and maintenance, hosted efficiently on Vercel for optimal performance.


Flicker Design utilizes robust API integration to streamline operations. Firebase is employed for authentication and backend services, ensuring secure and efficient data handling. Payment processing is managed through Paddle, providing a seamless and reliable transaction experience. These integrations allow for a cohesive system that supports user authentication, content management, and financial transactions effectively. The use of APIs enhances the overall functionality and user experience of the platform, making it versatile and responsive to user needs.